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Version October 2020

developed by ESPON Database Portal

The ESPON 2020 Database Portal ensures the availability of harmonised and accurate data on the European territory and neighbouring countries, which enables policy-makers, practitioners, researchers and other stakeholders to address a wide range of territorial issues in today’s rapidly-evolving society, economy and environment. The ESPON Database Portal gathers, manages and disseminates international statistical (as well as geospatial) data originating from ESPON projects as well as other regional databases such as Eurostat, in order to make them available in a user- and machine-friendly manner, ready for direct use in analyses and policy work for the ESPON community and outside.

The ESPON Database provides access to data at regional, local, urban, neighbourhood (candidate countries), world, grid levels as well as historical data. The user can search for the data using keywords, theme, project, spatial extent or type and download a single dataset or the complete project archive. The data can be downloaded in several spreadsheets as well as geospatial formats. The database can be also accessed via REST and OGC web services.

The data and indicators cover the entire European Union plus the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein (ESPON space). The regional and local data and indicators use the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) references. The other types of data use similar statistical units or grid.

Moreover, the ESPON Database project developed technical reports available under the Documentation and Resources sections describing the database structure, its contents and functionalities and also data related methodologies.

The datasets and information produced are publicly available and freely accessible.

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