ESPON at the COP 27: Spatial distribution of risk in Europe associated with the climate change

Climate change is a major issue that is already producing numerous impacts on society and the environment in Europe today. And most of the risks are expected to increase in the future due to climate change effects, related to the progressive variation of climatic conditions as well as to the occurrence of extreme events of higher intensity, duration and frequency.

But how is this situation impacting the competitiveness and cohesion of European regions and of Europe as a whole? Recent evidence from the update of the ESPON CLIMATE project -that combined climate related hazards, with regional exposure, and vulnerability- shows that even if the Paris Agreement is met, Europe will still need to deal with a great number of risks. 

The ESPON EGTC will present the Climate update results on 16 November 2022, during the COP27, in an online workshop organized by the JRC in the framework of the EU side events.

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